General Sikorski Polish Society in Glasgow

Sikorski Bar

The house rooms include a large lounge-bar area which serves a wide range of Polish beers and spirits (including Zywiec, EB, Brok, Hebelius, Zubrowka and Wisniowka), specialty cocktails, red and white wine, and soft drinks.

This area also presents Polish TV channels, a pool table and fruit machine for your enjoyment.



Wyborowa - Crystal clear natural vodka
Zytnia - excellent dry vodka
Siwucha - Vodka made according to the oldest Polish traditions 
Starka - The most famous of Polish quality dry vodkas, alc.50
Zubrowka - bison grass vodka
Wisniówka - semi-sweet cherry vodka
Wisniówka Deluxe - sweet cherry vodka
Czarna Pozeczka - black currant vodka
Zoladkowa Gorzka - special herbs bitter vodka
Krupnik - Polish honey liqueur



Selection of Polish beers:
Zywiec - alc. 5.7 (The oldest polish beers brand in UK),
Tyskie - alc. 5.6 (The most selling in Poland),
Lech - alc. 5.2 (Green label, uniqe taste)
Warka Strong - alc. 7 (strong lager with honey add),
Debowe Mocne - alc. 7 (strong lager with oak add)
Okocim Mocny - alc. 7 (strong lager)